Economic CO2 removal at giga-tonne scale by 2030

We need to remove carbon dioxide from the air

To avoid dangerous climate change we will need to rapidly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we emit into the air.


But that isn’t going to be enough.

In order to ensure that future generations benefit from a stable climate and healthy oceans, we will also need to restore the atmosphere by removing carbon dioxide from the air.

We can remove carbon dioxide from the air


We leverage the power of the lime cycle to remove CO2 in a cost-effective and scalable way.

Meet The Team

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Ben Turner


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Background in Earth Sciences, 10 years investment banking & asset management.

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Tim Kruger

Founder & CTO

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World expert in CO2 removal. Founded and runs research institute at University of Oxford.

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Barrie Jenkins

Engineering Director

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Chemical Engineer and leading authority on kiln design. 30+ years industry experience.

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Alan Rezigh


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30+ years in industrial project management, including broad CO2 storage expertise.

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Christine Bertrand

R&D Engineer

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Background in CFD modelling with 30+ years industry experience.